Program Components


Student-athletes have mandatory study hall prior to daily practices, must show progress in their classes, and have 90% school attendance rate. Teammates and coaches serve as tutors for the luchadoras, and we are currently seeking volunteer tutors.


Student-athletes are automatically enrolled in a pre and post-practice nutrition program, which includes healthy snack/meal assistance. They also participate in bi-weekly healthy lifestyle workshops, which include nutritionist-led education workshops and field trips to farmers markets.


Combatting sedentary lifestyles, which contribute to numerous health issues, is a critical component of Lucha Vida’s program. The boys season runs from mid-October through February, and the girls season runs from March through June. In-season practices are after-school for 90 minutes.


We believe having strong, successful role models helps students form higher aspirations. Lucha Vida also provides older students the opportunity to serve as mentors for younger ones – building a sense of purpose and community. Currently, our mentors each have two mentees, which allows for close friendships to develop.


Lucha Vida provides an avenue for girls in the South Bronx to participate in activities that show them the extent of their own emotional, mental, and physical strengths. In 2013, Taft was part of the inaugural girls wrestling league in NYC. We firmly believe in Girl Power – and providing luchadoras with mentors and an outlet gives them access to that power.

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