About Lucha Vida

Lucha Vida, Inc. received 501(c) nonprofit tax-exempt status in 2015.


Lucha Vida aims to combat many of the health and social issues affecting youth in the South Bronx by using the principles of wrestling – discipline, confidence, perseverance, and fitness – in a multi-dimensional youth development program. We take a holistic-approach to that development, which includes nutrition and healthy lifestyle education, meal assistance, academic tutoring, mentorship, and wrestling.

Our Target

Over the past three years, Lucha Vida has reached over 100 boys and girls, ages 10-19, who live in or attend school in the South Bronx, a community that suffers from the effects of extreme poverty.

The vision for Lucha Vida was born in October 2012 at the Taft Educational Campus (Taft) in the South Bronx. Taft is comprised of six high schools and two middle schools consisting of 2,500 students, 80% of whom are very low-income, 33% Black and 67% Latino.

Lucia Vida understands that for real change to occur in our community, we must build coalitions with other community-minded organizations. One of our goals is to develop a coalition that creates a new-age community center.

Why the South Bronx?

Lucha Vida was born from the realization that equal opportunities for success do not currently exist in the South Bronx – the health, education, social, and economic conditions there do not allow for true development of its youth.

Taft is a microcosm of the South Bronx, which consistently ranks as the poorest or one of the poorest congressional districts in the country. Over the past three years, this community has ranked last of all NY counties in health categories like obesity, teenage pregnancy, and morbidity.

Youth development is at the core of Lucha Vida’s mission – we believe we can equip these young people to succeed as they Wrestle with Life (Lucha Vida).

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